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What I do Best

Web Development
I deliver organized and semantic HTML5 and CSS3 to bring your designs to life with a solid backend .
Growth Marketing Consulting
I assists clients arriving at a unique brand proposition resulting into a lasting competitive advantage .
Search Engine Optimization
I provide business driven SEO and internet marketing solutions in order to provide the comprehensive ROI . Increasing conversions on a company’s primary online business goals through organic search traffic growth and inbound marketing tactics .
Speed Optimization
I can optimize your website  in order to ensure that your web property is serving up your information as quickly as possible within the capabilities of your hosting provider.


"Basil was hands down the best Freelancer I have worked with in my years in the industry. He is dedicated to your project and makes sure everything is perfect. Will definitely go directly to him next time something needs to be done. "


Gabriello Ianniruberto

Director CSEP-CPT, Founder of Earned Fitness

"Man Man, I regret rating others as 5 after working with Basil, This guy is on a different level, I can't describe how a wonderful guy he is This is the kind of freelancer you want to deal with He doesn't only follow the scope you give him, He went all over the website, fixed many things, installed firewalls, did lots of work I never asked for and I even didn't know how important they are Moreover he didn't ask for a penny extra, and he ended up writing me a tutorial book of how to use my CMS exactly step by step al though I didn't ask for it I can't thank him enough for his kindness I finally added a new milestone because I couldn't believe how great he is I paid him happily and I look forward for a very long term relationship with him"

Nabeel El Yakobi

Acting Manager of Online Operations/Marketing Abu Dhabi Media (ADM) –

Abu Dhabi Sports TV – Yas TV – Super.ae

 Founder of Footballic App

"Basil is the absolute best. He is professional, creative and committed to his appointments, ethical and highly experienced. I would definitely recommend you hire him."

Basel Irshaid

Co-Founder of Le touché de Laurence

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